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Polarised Lenses

The use of polarised sunglasses in dealing with high light-levels has been espoused by many medical practitioner for many years. It is not simply due to the unique look that a proper brand of polarised sunglasses (such Maui Jim or Tag Heuer) brings. Polarised sunglasses provide additional protection for the eyes from harmful solar radiation and intense light related issues. They are considered of particular importantance for people who will be outside in the sun a lot or for those who have greater light-sensitivity.

Usually light will scatter in a multitude of directions when it reflects. However, the material composition and angle of some objects will cause the reflected light to travel mostly in the horizontal plane instead. When this happens the resultant reflected light generated is known as glare. Polarised lenses were designed with a special filter so that they reduce or remove glare from the field of vision altogether; this achieved by the filter being able to cancel out light travelling in a particular angle.

These types of lenses are largely beneficial to people. There are few instances where these lenses are not beneficial, such as the occasional issue caused with using LCD screens on computers and other devices. This makes driving a much safer prospect and removes the need for using the often ineffective interior blinders in a vehicle.

The glare blocking feature can be particularly beneficial for activities such as water sports, skiing, golfing and cycling. They are also recommended for day driving to eliminate glare from sunlight reflected off the car bonnet. Polarised lenses make the world view becomes a great deal more clear, with images being crisper and more vibrant. The people that will benefit the most from using these lenses are individuals that are outside constantly. Drivers, as mentioned, benefit heavily from these items. Fishermen, professional athletes, and beach goers will find that these types of lenses are ideal for their professions or hobbies as well. This is especially true for those working or playing in the water. Standing bodies of water are one of the most prolific providers of glare in existence. Using polarised lenses to protect the eyes makes perfect sense in and around water.

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